A one-in-17 million chance. Or was it? 16 November 17

In October 2017 two women golfers got a hole-in-one at the same hole. What were the chances?

The Decline of the Draw 17 August 17

One of cricket's most charming - or to Americans, baffling - features is that after five days play the match can end in a draw. But draws are becoming an endangered species.

Why UEFA is turning to ABBA 10 May 17

Penalty shootouts tend to favour the team that kicks first - so UEFA are testing out a new approach to make it fairer.

Maths, Teamwork and Googlies 23 March 17

My Zeeman lecture at the Royal Society connected maths and cricket.

The paradox of the unexpected bouncer 20 December 16

Is it possible for a bowler in cricket to bowl an 'unexpected' bouncer?

What is meant by the 'speed' of a tennis serve? 8 July 16

When the IBM speedometer says Raonic's serve is 144mph, is it misleading us?

The Game Theory of Penalty-Taking 2 July 16

When taking penalties, strikers - and goalies - seem to go for the corner too often.

From Quidditch to the Davis Cup 30 November 15

Sporting contests with flawed rules

Robshaw's Risky Decision 27 September 15

England's rugby captain was criticised for gambling for a win and losing. Here's the maths.

Umpire's Call 16 July 15

Across the world, statisticians search for a way to improve on cricket's controversial Duckworth Lewis method. Maybe they are looking at it the wrong way.

Ben Stokes, Joe Root and Square Roots. 1 June 15

Ben Stokes is being tipped as England's next great all-rounder. But how do you measure all-round performance?

How the World Cricket Rankings were born 31 January 15

When you hear in the headlines 'Stuart Broad is ranked number one bowler in the world', ever wondered how it's worked out?

Momentum 27 April 14

Before playing Chelsea, Liverpool won 11 League games on the trot. They had momentum. But what does that mean?

England could have won 5-0 6 January 14

The post mortems into England's 5-0 thrashing have begun. Yet it could have been very different.