General Interest

How To Lie With Statistics 22 January 18

Edexcel recently boasted 99.2% accuracy in their exam grading. Sounds impressive. But it isn't.

Predicted Grades 3 January 18

How a history teacher may have messed up a promising maths student's future

A bit of magic in Chester 9 November 17

This week I experienced a delightful act of generosity from a stranger.

Need some good consultants? Call in the Children 27 March 17

In a world infested with jargon and corporate-speak, children are the best remedy.

Venus is brilliant 23 January 17

Until this month I knew almost nothing about our closest planet.

Argon but not forgotten 12 January 17 chemistry O Level is coming back to me.

A Curious Coincidence 24 November 16

Tomorrow I'll be performing on the set of an award-winning West End play. How did that happen?

Wurzels 20 July 16

If a version of a folk song becomes too famous, it kills off the variety that is part of folk's charm

Can I have a volunteer? 3 May 16

The perils of getting helpers on stage.

When did Pupils become Students? 6 February 16

A generation ago, anyone who attended school was called a pupil. Now even children at primary school are called students. Why the change?

How do YOU remember your PIN ? 6 November 15

You aren't supposed to write your PIN down, so how do you remember it? Here's the method I use.

Making things Complicated: Jardin's Principle 2 October 14

A universal syndrome that is often observed but doesn't have a name. Well it does - but hardly anyone knows it.

It's all the fault of my Inner Chimp 22 August 14

How motivational speakers make use of pseudo-neuroscience

Fronted Adverbials and other Pointless Jargon 10 May 14

This morning I discovered some new jargon. And I'm annoyed.

Forgotten nursery rhyme 24 August 13

If something isn't on Google, does it mean it has disappeared from public consciousness?