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I've written or co-written eleven books, some of which have appeared in several languages. The majority are about the maths of everyday life, but I've also written books on cricket, memory and creative thinking.



I am Director of Maths Inspiration, a national programme of interactive lecture shows in theatres that has reached over 100,000 teenagers in the last ten years. I'm closely involved with the UK maths community, from primary schools to universities.


Talks & Radio

I give talks to adults, teenagers and children that range from small interactive workshops to keynote lectures in front of several hundred. I've also done lots of radio, including BBC Radio 4, 5Live, Radio 3 and 2, but not 1 or 6...yet.

Recent Blogs

Are New Zealanders innately Nice?
15 July 19

When I play the Greed game with teenagers, the selfishness of some of them usually means everyone misses out. But there was one exception. more...

16% of 25? Easy!
21 May 19

A regulation percentage calculation went viral recently. Last week a teenager called me a genius for being able to work this out in my head. more...

Test Match tickets for children should be FREE
13 May 19

A day at the Test match can be a wonderful experience for children. What a shame that cricket has almost given up trying to bring them in. more...

The Button That Blows Out Candles
17 April 19

Here's the story of the old man who told me about the button that blows out candles. more...

How fast would a pole vaulter hit the ground?
10 April 19

A sporting Fermi question more...

How to find a cricket pitch in a football pitch
28 February 19

The official dimensions of every adult football pitch in the world arose from quaint numbers chosen by a group of Victorians and Edwardians. more...

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By the end of the holidays, 'Maths on the Back of an Envelope' will be rolling off the printing presses. Published… https://t.co/Tjk8QYLow6

about 5 hours ago

Answer: in this case 252 + 18 = 252. Archimedes Principle at work, so long as the barge floats, the weight of the tank does not change.

about 20 hours ago

Anderton Boat Lift puzzle: A filled water tank ('caisson') on the Lift weights 252 tonnes. A barge weighing 18 ton… https://t.co/QpvFB10LyN

about 20 hours ago

The Anderton Boat Lift in Cheshire - a wonder of Victorian engineering, a lift that carries canal boats from the Tr… https://t.co/qll6Gvy9XM

about 20 hours ago

For those who are now into cricket - which is a lot more people than this time last week - I've put all my past cri… https://t.co/edEpg5wvgC

2 days ago

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