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I've written or co-written eleven books, some of which have appeared in several languages. The majority are about the maths of everyday life, but I've also written books on cricket, memory and creative thinking.



I am Director of Maths Inspiration, a national programme of interactive lecture shows in theatres that has reached over 100,000 teenagers in the last ten years. I'm closely involved with the UK maths community, from primary schools to universities.


Talks & Radio

I give talks to adults and children that range from small interactive workshops to keynote lectures in front of several hundred. I've also done lots of radio, including BBC Radio 4, 5Live, Radio 3 and 2, but not 1 or 6...yet.

Recent Blogs

Argon but not forgotten
12 January 17 chemistry O Level is coming back to me. more...

Who have more sisters: boys or girls?
22 December 16

If you are spending time with siblings this Christmas, ponder this question: on average who have more sisters, boys or girls? more...

The paradox of the unexpected bouncer
20 December 16

Is it possible for a bowler in cricket to bowl an 'unexpected' bouncer? more...

To stream or not to stream
6 December 16

Faced with a choice of sending your child to a school that streams or one that doesn't, what would you do? more...

A Curious Coincidence
24 November 16

Tomorrow I'll be performing on the set of an award-winning West End play. How did that happen? more...

Let's hear it for Arithmeticians
4 October 16

Is it time to reinstate 'Arithmetician' as a skill that has high status. more...

He loved his parents, The Queen and Superman
1 September 16

The so-called 'Bodmas' rule for which order you should do calculations causes more trouble than it's worth. more...

How Fibonacci can help on your holiday to France
1 August 16

To convert miles to kilometres, don't worry about fiddly conversions, just memorise Fibonacci. more...

What is meant by the 'speed' of a tennis serve?
8 July 16

When the IBM speedometer says Raonic's serve is 144mph, is it misleading us? more...

Russian Roulette with a pack of cards
6 July 16

Fifty-two of you have been captured by an evil tyrant with a taste for Russian Roulette. Can you escape? more...

The Game Theory of Penalty-Taking
2 July 16

When taking penalties, strikers - and goalies - seem to go for the corner too often. more...

Playing Maths with your Children
19 January 16

The best maths thing parents can do with their kids is not DO maths but PLAY it. A little silliness can go a long way... more...

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Good to see @sparksmaths making his debut on @numberphile talking 4.669 (and with a vintage cricket bat behind him)

about 15 hours ago

I have first copy of my new book π‘¨π’π’š 𝑰𝒅𝒆𝒂𝒔? (due out in March). Not a maths book but relevant to any mathematician …

2 days ago

Thanks to a quirk of the Gregorian calendar, the 13th of the month is very slightly more likely to be a Friday than…

4 days ago

Argon but not forgotten - noble gases and other school chemistry revisited in a short blog

4 days ago

Cryptic puzzle: Helium Neon Nitogen Krypton Xenon Radon

4 days ago

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