What Can the Chinese Learn from Us?

It's said that when it comes to maths, the average 16-year-old from China is about two years ahead of their British counterpart. That's one reason why there's been a big initiative to bring over teachers from Shanghai to share their secrets. But it's not all one way traffic. When it comes to creativity, there's a lot to learn from the British approach, with our strong culture of games, investigations and puzzles. Rob shares a range of activities that are engaging while also reinforcing the 'mastery' of maths that is so important.

Ah, Aha and Haha - When maths Meets Creativity

For most people, the expression 'creative maths' sounds like a contradiction in terms. But real maths *is* creative - it's about discovery, serendipity and surprise. In this talk Rob gives some of his favourite examples, many of which can be used in the classroom. The content is tailored depending on whether it is for primary or secondary teachers.

How to Be a Mathematician And Not Be Avoided at Parties

Tell people you are a mathematician and you can usually expect them to rapidly make their excuses and disappear to the other end of the room. In this entertaining 30 minute keynote or after-dinner talk, Rob gives seven tactics for how you can avoid being a social pariah - it's a light-hearted talk, but with a serious underlying message. It works best with audiences of over 100, especially if they have consumed a glass of wine.