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Maths, Teamwork and Googlies

The 2017 Zeeman lecture

On the evening of 22nd March 2017 I'll be receiving the Zeeman medal for communicating maths to the general public.  This is a real honour - the previous recipients have all been maths Professors for whom I have huge respect, Ian Stewart, Marcus du Sautoy and John Barrow.

As part of the evening I'll be giving a free lecture - but it's ticket only, and first come first served.  If you'd like to come, email Alison Penry at (and please let her know if you want to attend the lecture only, or the lecture and reception).

The venue is The Royal Society in London, and the event starts at 6pm.

Here's a description of my talk:

Maths is usually regarded as a solo activity, yet some of the richest mathematical experience can come from collaboration: think of Hardy and Ramanujan … Lovelace and Babbage …even Duckworth and Lewis. Rob Eastaway takes a light-hearted look back at some of his own mathematical partnerships that have explored games, puzzles, mathematical modelling of everyday life ... and (a little bit of) cricket.